Commercial Roofing

16510-33In addition to residential and metal roofing, Primary also specializes in and is proud to offer commercial roofing services as well and has been providing businesses all around the state quality and commitment that they can trust. Professional commercial roofing contractors like us know and understand how much of an investment this can be for any business and we promise to make sure that investment is worthwhile.

Our roofers have become masters at what they do and offer professional commercial roof repair & cleaning, installation & repair, and are happy to provide free estimates for all of our services. Don’t trust other roofing companies who like to talk the talk when it comes to commercial work but not walk the walk. This kind of work definitely isn’t for everyone and without many years of experience and education in the subject, can be a huge investment that very well might end up costing you thousands of dollars in the future.

So don’t rely on anyone else for the foundation of your office or building and go with someone who actually has the knowledge and experience it takes. We have the roofing materials and the contractors to tackle roofs of any style and any size.

Commercial Roof Repairs

It is important to catch any sort of damage early on to prevent the need for a total replacement down the road. We specialize in roof leak repair & detection and can tackle jobs of any size. Your heating & cooling technicians may be able to identify the source of a problem, but only professional and experienced roofing contractors like us know how to effectively patch up damage all types of commercial roofs.21

It is imperative that you know exactly what you are doing when you take on a commercial project and we are a roofing company that is both careful and precise. Avoid the high roof replacement cost down the road and let us get your roof looking like brand new! Our roofing materials & supply group carry brands and styles that are sure to have the perfect match for any repair.

Commercial Roof Cleaning & Maintenance

14To avoid the need of a roofing repair in the future, regular cleaning and maintenance can go a long way. You wouldn’t believe the debris and damage that can accumulate over time if not maintained properly. Our building materials and our roofers are nothing but the highest of quality and can leave make all roof types looking like they were just installed! Sometimes a roof coating is all you need and can add years to the total lifespan and longevity to your buildings first line of defense.

So let us show you why so many businesses have trusted us for the work that we do. Our clients mean everything to us and we make sure we show that appreciation in the quality of our work. We are happy to give free estimates on any services you need. You won’t be given a list of additional charges or hidden fees on any project and the quote we give you will be what the bill is, this is a promise that we are proud to stand by.